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Robust Indian is a Web Startup. It designs Web pages and Web Content for Artists and Small Businesses looking to have a presence on the web. Where ever you’ll want to take your Hosting after that is up to you, but we rather you stay with us.

It would be great to discuss your project and show you all the different options we have for you. Our Web construction covers all aspects of graphic design, photo editing, video editing, social media and copy-writing where applicable.     

Why have a Web-Site?

A Website is an exciting and essential part of any business. Websites should represent well all the different facets of a business or activity. If this is done correctly customers and visitors should never need to go through a complicated browsing experience in order to get an good idea of what your services are. Nor you should lose that opportunity to showcase all your attributes, be seen, share your message or possibly even make a sale via a Paypal gateway.

Here at Robust Indian we can advise you on what sort of website really suits your business or activity. You may also find that there is a great number of companies offering more comprehensive services, such as CMS (Content Management System) which enables you to make amendments to your site remotely, but this will also costs you more. Robust Indian does all that for you at no extra cost. Other companies may charge you for features not agreed to initially. Although having Website is a must in today´s multimedia world, a website by itself will not make you famous or increase your revenue. You will still need to actively promote your services through good marketing.       

Generally speaking many Website Design companies may present costs divided in the number of pages it offers. For example: package 1 - (up to 5 pages) between £330 and £350 and for package 2 - (up to 10 pages) or more costs can increase anywhere between £560 to £900 plus vat. Which means your costs will quickly start to mount up even before you paid for Hosting and Maintenance fees. Robust Indian is flexible, competitive and caters specifically for small business. We make it possible for you without the “unexpected” costs.

We also offer Budget Website for as little as £130 to get you started!!


Some of the people WE work with For artists & small business

Check our Budget Video Services from editing your project media, creating film from origin or converting VHS tapes to digital supports. We can put together your Event footage, create Business Promos and Talent or Band Showcasing video demos.

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